Contribute to tog

Tog is an open source project following the unrestrictive MIT license (view license). We decided to keep the source open to make it easy and free to setup while also allowing users to easily contribute features and modify the software to their needs.

If you find a bug, want to add a new feature to tog or it's plugins, think that you can optimize some important code, then prove your Ruby and RoR by contributing to tog!

We welcome any:

  • bug reports
  • code patches
  • enhancement requests
  • documentation contributions
  • ideas and other interesting discussions
  • new plugins

  • mailing
    This general mailing list is where tog users come to seek help, announce their own projects, and discuss all kind of matters surrounding the platform and the community.
  • The tog wiki is the place to find platform's documentation in for of guides and recipes. User's contributions are welcome!.
  • Bugs and enhancements are tracked with github too!. Altough we recommend you to post your issues in each plugin's tracker, you can also post general issues in this tracker and we'll dispatch them.
    Please, be as concise as you can while filling a bug report!
  • campfire's logo
    We love to talk to people that use tog, people that supports it and also the people who critizised it. Thus we have create a room at 37signals' Campfire: Tog Station

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