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  • It occurs constantly. When your blog, site or community become popular and get some traffic… the bloody spam appears. We’ve been fighting the spam in this very site for the last weeks and we’ve realised that tog needs a good spam protection system out-the-box.

    So starting with the next release (0.4) the comments in every tog model will be protected by Akismet or Defensio, whatever you want. To enable the spam blocking system just set a few settings in Tog::Config :

    Tog::Config['plugins.tog_core.spam.engine'] = "defensio" # 'defensio' || 'akismet'
    Tog::Config['plugins.tog_core.spam.key'] = "43d05dd45fb67b1d3b3d332b67d6847b" # api key
    Tog::Config['plugins.tog_core.spam.url'] = "'" # url registered in spam engine

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    Kudos to technoweenie, the author of the Viking plugin, that we’ve used to build this new feature.

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