Tog 0.4 : OAuth beta support, Spam blocking, Site-wide search and improved test suite

Posted over 5 years ago
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Tog 0.4 “Thebe” is finally out. We’ve added a bunch of fixes, patches and improvements. Obviously there are a new shiny features too:

  • Spam blocking. As we’ve detailed before tog powered sites will be now protected against spam in their comments. Probably we’ll extract and expand this blocking system to any model on future releases.
  • Site-wide search. Any model can be now included in the sitewide search available with tog. Just add your model as a search source to tog and provide a partial to render the matching instances of this model in the results page. You can check the details here and here.
  • FileColumn to Paperclip migration. We’ve replaced one of the oldest part of the platform and will depends now on the great paperclip plugin from the nice guys of thoughtbot. We’ve added the needed migrations to make the transition easier. As always a backup of your site before the update will be a great idea.

How to install

You can install or upgrade to tog 0.4 through RubyGems:

gem install tog-tog

New tog generated apps will use the last version of the plugins. If you’re updating an existing application, you should upgrade the plugins manually (sorry we’re working in this one) to the last tag. You can access them on[PLUGIN_NAME]/tree/v0.4.0

From all of the people collaborating in tog to all the people using it, we hope you enjoy this release. Dig the code and have fun while we bake the next (Tog 0.5 “Io”) release.

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