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  • Last friday we’ve released version 0.6 of tog. This version is focused on stability and many other improvements on tog’s core plugins, but this version has updated most of the support plugins used by tog, that were there since tog 0.1 and needed some upgraded.

    If you start fresh from tog 0.6 or you were already using edge, migration (if needed) should be small. For those of you using an older version of tog, we have a template for upgrading to tog 0.6 (has been already been used to migrate that will be relased in the coming days.

    You can check the changelog for every core plugin for changes:

    For instructions on installing tog check: .

    We plan a minor release with some installation improvements and bug fixing in the commings days and tog 0.7 will focus on socializing your app with other social networks like twitter or facebook.

    Don’t forget to take a look at all existing plugins for tog in tog’s wiki

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  • We are working hard on tog 0.6. There main issues on this release are:

    • Most of used plugins are getting updated to newer versions and installed from gems when possible.
    • Some interaction with other social networks, like twitter and facebook is being added thanks to the work of Boon Low .
    • Some performance issues are being added

    This wll be probably the last release for the Rails 2.* series, and we are already working on supporting Rails 3.

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  • We have updated the list of available plugins. Altugh there are more plugins in github (some of them waiting to be updated for rails 2.3 and tog 0.5), we have updated the plugin list on this site, updating the features of the existing plugins and adding two plugins ready for prime time:

    In the coming weeks we will update plugins like tog_oracle (question&answers), tog_podcasts , tog_depot (file management) and tog_videos among others.

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  • We are happy to announce that tog 0.5 has been released. We know that we have need more time than expeced, but finally we are out.

    The main highlight of this version are:

    • Rails 2.3 is officially supported. This brings a new template for creating a new rails app with tog or adding tog to and existing application. This makes much easier to install tog, since all plugins and migrations are insta installed and created automatically for you. See Installation instructions .
    • tog-desert gem has been removed. We have updated our code to use pivotal labs’ official desert gem , waht removes problems if your are using this gem in other projects.
    • All core plugins are (almost) 100% internationalized, being english and spanish officially supported. A language selector is on the way, but didn’t pass the cut since we are still deciding between a couple of alternatives for autodetection. It should come in the next (coming next week) maintenance release.
    • Many other small changes and fixes are detailed in each plugin’s CHANGELOG.

    We thank Andrei and Richard for their great job, patient and bug fixing about tog support for Rails 2.3 and Edge. We must also thank Raul, Gaizka , Balint and many others for its help, bug fixing and contributions.

    Enjoy it.

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  • tog 0.4.1 has been released due to a bug that has introduced Rails dependencies in rubigen >1.5.0.

    The related ticket is here:

    We’ve patched the tog gem to workaround this issue until it’s fixed on rubigen. So if you’ve been hit by errors related to:

    uninitialized constant RubiGen::Commands::Base::ActiveRecord

    just gem install tog 0.4.1 and you’ll be fine again.

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