Introduction & Overview

Tog is a non-intrusive, extensible open source platform that helps you to add social network features to your Ruby on Rails apps. We aim to convert the tedious and long process of create a community site on a straightforward process that will give your site social capabilities in minutes.

Using these prepackaged and automated features should let you focus on the real key point about social networks: keep the conversation going with your members. If you’re just starting a social site or wants to polish your community with lovely social capabilities maybe you should give tog a try.

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Customizable & Extensible

We don’t believe in generic social networks. We think every sucessful network has a specific useful social object: Threadless, Vimeo and Flickr are based on the interest and passion that users share about t-shirts, homemade videos and photography. Tog is designed to help you to easily develop these social objects without the hassle of hacking the foundational blocks.

We've built tog to speed up the development of most common features for social networks -friends, followers, groups, profiles- so you can focus on your social objects.

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Plugins architecture

Vertical networks. Social objects. Custom design and features. With these concepts on mind we've worked to make easier the development of plugins and custom extensions for tog. Indeed tog itself it's basically a bunch of standards and core plugins and a boostrap mechanism to hook these plugins easily in a Ruby on Rails application.

Do you need photo repositories by user for your patchwork web community? A blog engine in your tv series fansite? Lightweight CMS for a few static pages?. tog can help with that.

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Open Community

We know the power that sits behind a open, friendly and live community. By licensing tog as public, open source code we aim to create a vibrant community that will low the entry barrier to create custom, vertical social networks. Now is your turn: try tog, polish your site with new capabilities, develop a plugin, report us the bugs you find or simply send us your feedback.

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Latest Post

Last friday we’ve released version 0.6 of tog. This version is focused on stability and many other improvements on tog’s core plugins, but this version has updated most of the support plugins used by tog, that were there since tog 0.1 and needed some upgraded.

If you start fresh from tog 0.6 or you were already using edge, migration (if needed) should be small. For those of you using an older version of tog, we have a template for upgrading to tog 0.6 (has been already been used to migrate that will be relased in the coming days.

You can check the changelog for every core plugin for changes:

For instructions on installing tog check: .

We plan a minor release with some installation improvements and bug fixing in the commings days and tog 0.7 will focus on socializing your app with other social networks like twitter or facebook.

Don’t forget to take a look at all existing plugins for tog in tog’s wiki

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